Corporate Law, M&A and Capital Markets

The corporate law practice is one of the firm’s key areas. Solid know-how, wide-ranging experience and industry expertise are taken for granted. Our advice in corporate law is further strengthened by our expertise in the fields of M&A and capital market law.

 Our advisory services comprise the following subjects:

General Corporate Law

  • Choice of legal form and foundation of companies, both nationally and internationally
  • Drafting of memorandum and articles of association, and rules of procedure
  • Foundation of subsidiaries
  • Ongoing corporate advice to shareholders, management and supervisory boards, managing directors, and advisory boards
  • Preparing and holding annual general meetings and other shareholder meetings
  • Company succession

Participation of Management and Employees

  • Participation schemes for top-performing managers
  • Share option plans

Restructuring and Reorganisation of Companies

  • Restructuring measures (mergers, splits, spin-offs and changes of corporate form)
  • Advice on recovery and restructuring during a business crisis
  • Introducing and reorganising the structure of a corporate group
  • Advice on capital measures
  • Squeeze-outs

Corporate Law Disputes

  • Conduct of a case, such as disputes between shareholders
  • Actions for avoidance and annulment
  • Bringing and defending damages claims against corporate bodies and D&O insurance
  • Arbitration and alternative dispute resolution
  • Prevention and risk management
  • Role as arbitrator

Corporate governance and compliance

  • Creating efficient organisational structures that comply with legal regulations
  • Ensuring that legal requirements are complied with by means of organisational procedures, guidelines and training sessions
  • Observance of legal requirements in project management

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