Special areas of Criminal Law

Our advisory services comprise the following subject areas:

Preventing financial crime and employee criminality

  • Asserting claims both in and out of court
  • Preventing damages caused by fraud, embezzlement, corruption, disclosure of confidential information, failure to file for insolvency on time, etc.
  • International compulsory enforcement and asset tracing
  • Preventative advisory services / compliance

Workplace accidents and Environmental Law

  • Accidents at work
  • Criminal environmental law

Tax Law and Criminal Tax Law

  • Corporate tax law
  • Liability of managing directors and members of the management board
  • Criminal tax law, voluntary self-disclosure
  • Providing advice during audits
  • Procedures during investigations, habeas corpus
  • Banking cases

The losses incurred through financial crimes and employee criminality can be considerable and it is not always possible to compensate the damage fully. This is why, in the first instance, we provide advice on risk prevention and reduction, as well as providing practical tips as to which measures make the most sense for the specific company concerned. We also regularly present a range of efficient solutions at our seminars and in-house training programmes.

Our work encompasses criminal law relating to finances, the environment and tax. In the event of imminent damages, or if losses have already been incurred, we advise our clients in respect of the perpetrators, official bodies, the state prosecu- tion service and courts in all cases related to criminal law, as well as the ancillary subject areas. We represent both corporate interests and private individuals in all criminal and administrative proceedings.

Lawyers for Special areas of Criminal Law