Career ladder

Our firm offers excellent career prospects to the very best lawyers.

Our career progression consists of three stages. Newly-qualified lawyers starting their careers after their second state exams are taken on as employees of the firm. For between four to five years they learn various technical aspects of legal practice. They are involved in direct relationships with the firm’s clients from the outset. If lawyers successfully complete this period, they become junior partners. Junior partnership at our firm is a very different proposition to „non-equity partnership“ in most other law firms, particularly the large ones. Even though still be under the supervision of a senior partner, our junior partners have a stake in the business. They have a partnership share, albeit at a lower level than the senior partners, and thus have an interest in the firm’s capital. They have a real opportunity to influence the fundamental issues affecting the firm for they already have some limited voting rights.  Our firm is therefore in reality different to many other firms. Ask our partners Heiko Langer or Volker Hees. Both will happily provide further information.

Senior partnership follows on from junior partnership. Senior partners have a capital share in the firm and have full voting rights from the outset. 
Distribution of profits amongst the senior and junior partners is determined by reference to a points system (lock step system). The distributable profits are always the entire profits of the firm.