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New addition to the employment law team: former head of HR at WGZ BANK, Dr Andreas Fülbier, appointed Of Counsel at HLFP

Dr Andreas Fülbier (56) will be joining the employment law team within the Düsseldorf office of Hoffmann Liebs Fritsch & Partner as of counsel with effect from January 2017. He previously spent many years working as an in-house lawyer for WGZ BANK and, in his role as head of the HR division, was responsible for all employment law, payroll tax and social security law matters, as well as all issues relating to the strategic focus of HR work, HR management, including compensation and retirement provision, HR development and HR marketing, over a period spanning more than 17 years.

Dr Andreas Fülbier started his career by completing a banking apprenticeship at Dresdner Bank AG. Following his military service, he completed a law degree, majoring in business and employment law, at the University of Bielefeld. After working as a research assistant at the Institute for Banking Law (Institut für Bankrecht) and obtaining his PhD from the University of Cologne, he joined WGZ BANK as an in-house lawyer in the Legal and Participations (Recht und Beteiligungen) division in 1991. From 1995 onwards, he spent three-and-a-half years working for Deutsche Hypotheken Bank (Actiengesellschaft) in Hanover in a number of positions, including that of deputy head of the Legal department, compliance and money laundering officer, before returning to WGZ BANK in 1999 to assume an executive position. He is the author of numerous publications relating to anti-money laundering regulations and banking supervisory law, and is a sought-after speaker in employment law, compensation regulation and HR strategy matters.

At Hoffmann Liebs Fritsch & Partner, Dr Andreas Fülbier will be focusing on individual and collective employment law. Due to his professional background and wealth of expertise gleaned over a period of many years, he will be concentrating primarily on providing employment law advice to the banking sector.

Wolfgang Bucksch and Heiko Langer are looking forward to welcoming their new colleague: “Dr Fülbier’s focus on the banking sector will make him an excellent addition to our team and the HLFP banking law practice. Together, we will be expanding the range of advisory services we offer to banks and insurance companies further, allowing us to cover an even larger number of topics, with a larger team of employees, for our clients in the future.” The employment law department, which now consists of seven employees, boasts many years of experience in all areas of “conventional” employment law.